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Blindfold Sensory Games Video Gallery

This video shows that some people are fearful of touching what they can’t see.  Blindfold feely games can reveal what textures are scary.

Blindfold crawling games where you can’t touch obstacles is great for spacial awareness, co ordination and moving slowing and carefully.

A hair band is being used to keep a blindfold in place instead of tying a knot. Try pegs or safety pins to hold cloths in place.

An Australian game show from the 90’s. I believe my use of this clip is “fair use”, but if TCN 9 Sydney want this removed just drop me an email.

Eww! What am I smelling?  Some great blindfold sensory games involve the sense of smell in pleasant or unpleasant ways.

Blindfold balancing games can be loads of fun in a gym, at school or with supervision at home as balancing with blindfolds can be tricky.

How To Fold Cloths For Blindfolds

Learn how to easily fold cloths for blindfolds on this page. See images that are easy to follow as you fold your own blindfolds!

What Cloths Are Good For Blindfolds?

A blindfold should be thick enough to stop light from getting in, but not too thick that the person wearing it feels suffocated. It must be firm and secure, and the material touching the eyes should be nice and comfortable. Aside from the eyes, the rest of the face...

What Makes A Good Blindfold? – Revised

When playing blindfold sensory games we need to use good blindfolds that won’t allow others see and it has to have a good texture.

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