Exploring The Senses With Blindfolds


Exploring The Senses With Blindfolds, is a guide for parents, teachers, day care centres, play leaders on how to use blindfold games to explore the senses. In the book you will find a collection of blindfold games. Some by the Author and others drawn from various sources. Exploring The Senses With Blindfolds is a downloadable digital pdf file, a book written by Author Andrew Short.

Andrew Short is a young man with cerebral palsy. He also has a Masters in Disability. As a child, Andrew’s therapist introduced fun filled blindfold games to help Andrew develop his senses, and now shares his experience and passion for the wellbeing of others through this book and via the Blindfold Sensory Play website… in the hope to help others in the same way.



This collection of blindfold games is strictly for educational purposes, and is intended to make learning fun for children who are being supervised by responsible adults, with their safety as the main focus.

Exploring The Senses With Blindfolds - Andrew Short


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