Keep Blindfold Fun With Those You Know

Written By Andrew Short

I have a Masters of Disability Studies. I write about blindfold sensory games and activities as a person living with cerebal palsy. This includes creating my own blindfold games and investigating ways in which it helps develop the five senses.  

Keep Blindfold Fun With Those You Know

Here are two great YouTube videos to educate your children about strangers, as it is important to teach your children to only play with blindfolds when a trusted person is around.



Minors must never allow themselves to be blindfolded by a stranger unless it’s a leader at church camp or youth camp where the organization is trustworthy. If a stranger want to blindfold you and take you on an adventure do not go. Ok note to Australian readers I am a Christian who thinks paedophile clergy must be weeded out and turned over to the police, if a minister wants to be alone with your child, leave that church and never return.

This website advocates blindfolding children but strictly in the context of games and sensory play.

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