Blindfolds With Cuddly Toys

Written By Andrew Short

I have a Masters of Disability Studies. I write about blindfold sensory games and activities as a person living with cerebal palsy. This includes creating my own blindfold games and investigating ways in which it helps develop the five senses.  

Blindfolds With Cuddly Toys

My website has plenty of suggestions for playing blindfold games with cuddly toys.

Soft toys are great items for blindfold games for a few reasons. Firstly, it is very non-threatening, cuddling a favourite teddy with mummy is not frightening. Secondly, if sleeping in the dark (if your child is up to that) means that they already feel them in the dark. Lastly, they can be good for bonding with your child plus they don’t break if dropped. You might want to start playing blindfold games with your child by sitting your child on your knee and blindfolding them and giving them their favourite soft toy and asking them if they know what they are feeling.

It might be that playing with cuddly toys while blindfolded can encourage a child to go to bed with lights out or with a sleeping mask on.

If your child is waking up at night and can not find their fluffy friend, knowing what their cuddly toys feels like without being able to see it might help.

In the middle of the day put your child on his bed and to stimulate darkness blindfold him. Put his cuddly toy somewhere on or in his bed for him to find blindfolded just by feel. Try this a few times.

Feeling for one soft toy in a pile of soft toys is a great like to learn about different textures.

A reason that it is good to play blindfold games with cuddly toys at slumber parties is that children don’t need to feel that they are not grown up if they need to bring their cuddly toys, if they are told to bring them.

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